Want To Help Save The Planet? Plant One Tree At A Time

What do you think about trees?

Personally I think trees are the embodiment of life, if not life itself.

They’re the largest plants on earth and they give us the oxygen we need to survive. They’re not only essential to the sustenance of human life, but animals also need them to survive.

Photo by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

Trees have provided the materials that made some of the most beautiful buildings known to mankind and they’ve also been protecting the soil from erosion and storing carbon which helps to preserve the ozone layer.

If trees are so important, how come there are fewer of them now than they were five years ago?

Trees have been disappearing from the earth for more than one reason. Those that top the list are:

  • Willful destruction by man (deforestation)

Logging is a very lucrative industry. Despite efforts to try to control it, many people practice illegal logging, which depletes the tree population at a faster rate.

  • Forest fires

These are natural disasters that destroy large amounts of trees every year. The devastation left in the wake of the fires in Oregon and California in the U.S this year and those in Australia and Brazil recently testifies to the destruction that wildfires cause to the trees.

  • Climate change

As the world develops, the earth dies. Changes in the climate around the world are causing trees not to grow as fast as they used to.

What does this decline in the tree population mean for us?

It means that life on earth will become a lot more uncomfortable for all living things. The temperature will rise and pollution will increase until we eventually die.

Luckily, civic-minded individuals and those passionate about the environment have seen that there is a problem and have partnered with large corporations in various initiatives to turn the situation around for the better. Organizations have made it their mission to replant trees, especially in those areas that were ravaged by wildfires.

The thing about humanitarian efforts like these is that they cost money since trees have to be replanted all over the world.

Tech companies support these causes by giving a portion of their sales on a particular product to organizations to help in their efforts. So, when you buy the product you’ll be helping to restore forests around the world.

If you’re one of those people that’s into philanthropy and environmental causes, your heart’s in the right place. When you hear about businesses that are donating money from the sale of particular products to help out causes such as planting trees, don’t hesitate to help.

Imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel when you buy a WordPress Maintenance Plan, for example, and your purchase helps to plant a tree in a fire-ravaged forest!

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